Hang around Cabo San Lucas long enough and you might end up meeting one of the local personalities. He is a very lively fellow and can often be seen making friends in the Marina or sharing a meal off the back of a fishing boat. He has even been known to accept a pat on the head in trade for some fresh fish. Other times, you can see him lazing on his favourite rock at Land's End acting like The King of Los Arcos, "Pancho the Sea Lion".

He has become quite a celebrity in his own right.  You can google his name and come up with all sorts of videos, photos and TripAdvisor threads shared by locals and tourists from around the world. After all who can resist the charms of Pancho? He has become "almost free" local entertainment for young and old. In the words of one fisherman "He was a seal that got kicked out of Sea World, but learned all the right lessons". 

Indeed my hubby Mark has enjoyed the antics of Pancho, when the crafty sea lion hopped aboard their moving fishing vessel last November, returning from a day at sea. He quickly gobbled their leftover bait  and returned to swim in the surf. Probably long enough to hop on board the next fishing boat.

A fisherman may return to port empty handed, but a short visit from Pancho aboard that five hundred dollar fishing charter made it "worth it!" 
This video hit YouTube back in December of 2011. 
Now unfortunately, Pancho has become somewhat mischievious and resorted to downright robbery!

His large body, moves swiftly and effortlessy, as he pops out of the water and STEALS the fish right out of the hands of the fisherman! It happens so quickly, they don't even see it coming.

In the words of one of the good humored fisherman "That is too funny". "That is a crime" he says while laughing. 

This video was posted October 13, 2013.

While just last week one fisherman joked about Pancho's crime, yesterday Pancho's thievery became a real crime. Stealing a tournament fish valued at possibly 9000.00 USD!!!! Current video shows the fish, the fishermen, and it sounds like many witnesses (but I don't think it's admissable in a court of law...and let's face it...could you pick him out in a line-up??). 

There's a video on our  Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/CasaEsquinaCabo.  

One thing for sure, the amusement could wear thin in a hurry as Pancho ups the ante. If this were to happen during the World Famous Bisbee Black and Blue tournament starting Oct. 23, 2013, then there would be a bounty on Poncho's hide. Last years fish netted the winning team 1.4 million dollars! A poncho interference would result in Wanted posters around Cabo town, and we would have to start a hurried "Save Pancho" campaign. In all seriousness, this might become a reality...word on the docks is that Pancho's father mysteriously disappeared after similar antics ended him up in hot water a few years back.

Stay tuned, but in the meantime if you're down by the marina...hold onto your wallet...there's a rebel seal in town....and he will stop at nothing!
I have a weakness for a good animal story and obviously true crime is not my calling but I would love to hear your Pancho stories!! -Karen Barnert


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