I've loved sailing since I was a teen at summer camp, when I learned the all the basic how-tos on a 13 foot Sunfish. However, life had gotten in the way, as it often does, and I had forgotten how exhilarating it was to glide across the water, sails full and the late afternoon sun warming my skin.

When I climbed aboard Cabo Sailing's boat, Synergy, it reminded me of exactly how much I love sailing. Originally, I booked the tour because of the substantial two-for-one savings I recieved through Los Cabos passport. But once on deck, I realized that I would have gladly paid full price for the experience.
That evening, there were only 10 guests on board the 42-foot boat, which can accommodate up to 18 people, including the crew. Our group was 8 so It meant we had a nearly private tour without having to pay the private tour price. 

We were welcomed on the Synergy by the deckhand, Israel, and our skipper Ramon. We were encouraged to board barefoot. This not only helps to keep the boat clean, but also provides better traction if you want to walk from the bow to the stern. Naturally it immediately tells your mind to relax. 

Our group quickly settled into the sundeck loungers and the seating area under the awning of the cockpit. We were given a brief orientation, and then we got to the good stuff: cocktails, wine and beer. We passed the yachts in the marina and glided towards the open bay under a surprisingly quiet motor. A trip down below gave me a sense of how luxurious a sailboat could be. There were two fully-furnished sleeping cabins, each with a head (toilet) and shower. Surrounded by the rich wood tones of mahogany is the main salon,  and a chef's galley where Israel prepared a perfect light snack of smoked meats and cheeses.

We passed by Lover's Beach and paused near Los Arcos for the obligatory tourist photos in front of the famous rock formations. We greeted seals and slid past Scooby-Doo Rock. We heard waves crash against Divorce Beach as we passed Land's End. And as we came to Solmar Beach and the exclusive community of Pedregal, the sails puffed with wind. the motor turned off and we were under the power of nature. I looked up and saw the most glorious red sunset ever. "Can this trip not end? Can we freeze this moment? Can we just keep going to Hawaii?" we begged Ramon as the sun melted into the sea.

As we turned and headed for home, we spotted the Synergy's sister boat, the Mistral, skippered by Ulysses. The race was on! We all cheered loudly as we pulled slightly ahead---there was no doubt in our minds we won the race! However, as we approached the arches again, a small pod of whales appeared. "Change of Plans!" exclaims Ramon. We followed the pod for a short time and enjoyed some incredible Kodak moments.

As dusk enveloped us, we headed back towards the marina with the music cranked LOUD! REALLY LOUD! We all started singing along, as if we were rockstars and Ramon was the band leader with his intense, passionate voice.

Maybe it's the rum punch, maybe it's the sea air, or maybe this energy is what sailing is all about! I love sailing, I really do!!

Karen Barnert travels to Los Cabos often and takes a sunset cruise every time!!! The disclaimer on this story...it's a compilation of a couple trips...maybe it's the sea air...maybe it's the rum punch...or maybe it's how great times in Cabo just start to blend together!!!
For more info about Cabo Sailing Adventures www.cabosailing.com
 and for the Los Cabos Passport Saving Card www.loscabospassport.com
PS. If you go ask Ramone for his autograph, the Rock Star we know he is!!!


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