This is not the restaurant you are going to just stumble upon, or happen to walk by. You have to know this place exists like the Gringo's do.

On our first visit to Cabo, our host's took us to this casual restaurant. We have continued this tradition by also taking our guests to Latitude 22 The Roadhouse. 

That is how you find out about this place... you just need to know someone who 
has been here. 

 Latitude 22 The Roadhouse  proclaims that they  " overlook it's famous parking lot, are 2 blocks from the sewage pumping station,  and are a short walk from Mario's Pig farm on the famed Highway to Hell'. 

That's not the kind of  directions that usually bring diner's through the door but tourist's and ex-pats flock to this "HOUSE OF ILL REPUTE AND SPAGHETTI FACTORY", and they come with a sense of humour. 

On any given night you can explore the artifacts and paraphernalia that gives this place the atmosphere it is famous for. The decor is a fish killer and mariner's dream     (and they'll cook your catch). A trip to the loo require's extra time because of all the things to look at along the way (imagine a collection of 500 or so personalized license plates)!

On any given night you can come and enjoy the down-home menu selections of belly-filling comfort foods like Pot Roast, Pork chops or Fish and Chips. 

On any given night there is a dinner special such as
"The Spaghetti Bowl with salad and a glass of semi-great, cheap Dago Red Wine "PINOT MORE" (I told you to come with a sense of humor). A decent deal at only 130 pesos.

Latitude 22 boasts "NO BAD DAYS" (indeed this is the place to buy the official copyrighted No BAD DAY" vehicle stickers that have become the unofficial slogan of Cabo").

I have to admit while there are "NO BAD DAYS" at Latitude 22, some days are still better than others. 

The BEST of the "NO BAD DAYS" are the weekend evenings (Thursday-Saturday November-May) when the talented Canadian Peter Bacon brings this veritable "Museum of Odd and Amusing" to life! His piano playing, his jazzy tunes, his country tunes and his golden oldies will have your toes tappin' in no time! Soon you'll be singing along (because he WILL play something you know the words to)!  You might even find yourself dancing 'round your dinner table! 

This guy is happy, and his non-stop smile makes you believe there are NO BAD DAYS!

On your way out, don't forget your sticker or T-shirt. And make sure you have your photo taken with one of the large giant plastic sharks in the parking lot.  Yeah go ahead, make it look like the shark is eating your leg off....everybody does it and you know your facebook profile won't be complete without it! 

The T-shirt, the sticker on your car, the facebook photo (or in my case my blog profile pic), are all not so subtle ways to say "yeah, I've been to this cool joint in Cabo...maybe I'll take you there sometime".

With thanks to friends (Ken and Brenda) who first shared this cool joint with me. Cheers to all the people I can share it with! Latitude 22 The Roadhouse is located at  KM 4.5, on Highway 1, first right past Costco on the service road and up two blocks. Open 8 a.m. -11 p.m. (kitchen closes at 10) CLOSED TUESDAYS  Ph. 624-143-1516                                       -Karen Barnert


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