We just returned from Maui, Hawaii. It was a lovely vacation with another couple who are also frequent traveller's to Cabo. The conversation eventually came around to "Which destination do you prefer?" We whole heartedly agreed it was Cabo San Lucas...but Mexico has embedded itself deeply into our hearts so there couldn't ever be a fair argument for Maui.  The one thing we missed was the beach bars...we looked for them in Maui, we even asked our trusty GPS to give us a hint...but didn't find one....and we toured the ENTIRE island! What I discovered in Maui is that even though a restaurant may be called a "beach bar"  it may not be anywhere near the beach...like "Sammy's Beach Bar" AT THE AIRPORT! 

In Cabo there is no lacking for "legitimate cold-drink-in- your-hand and toes-in-the-sand beach bars", and you won't need a GPS to find them! 

Zipper's on the Beach. 

Often our first stop en-route from the airport to Casa Esquina. It's the moment where you can fill your lungs deeply with sea air after your flight, watch some surfer's off Costa Azul beach while enjoying your first fish taco and cold Corona.  It's the place that says "You have arrived and it's time to chill! IT"S JIMMY BUFFET TIME! Sure the place is a little weather beaten, but that is part of the charm. You'll recognize Big Tony, the owner, as soon as you see him...his remarkable likeness is on all of his signage and he wants to make sure you are happy!

Located between Zipper's Beach and Las Olas on the beach in San Jose. Heading west :At K M. 28.5, take the retorno under the highway and "zip" up the off ramp coming down and into the parking lot...yeah carefully please!! Heading east: Down the off ramp, just past the surf viewpoint on the highway.

Tobasco Beach Restaurant and Bar, Medano Beach

 Situated at the east end of Medano Beach, with a low key vibe, Tobasco's alway's offers decent prices and really good service. We particularly like Tobasco's,  because we will often park our own beach chairs,  just outside of the bar area, and enjoy the "2 for 1 drinks all day-every day" and use the "facilities". The only problem you might have here is a cruise ship blocking your view of Los Arcos...life is rough!

Turn left at your first light into town, past the soccer fields, into the big public lot 30 pesos to park. Walk up the beach...it's on your right!

The Office, Medano Beach

This is probably the best spot for your AGM and may end up being your best day at the office EVER! Food is of good quality and the prices reflect that. 
Go early if you want a table near the front to socialize with the many beach vendors (or make reservations). Beware of Rambo, who may coerce you into consuming tequilla shots...no glass required!

 Lots of umbrellas during the day, and in the evening they light up the tiki torches and bring out the blankets. Mariachi's will play for you for tips or you can often enjoy more gringo-like bands in the evenings.

Valet parking

Mango Deck, Medano Beach

This place is FUN for the young and young at heart. Breakfast is good here, and you will be engaged with trivia type contests....quite family friendly. However, R-rated afternoon entertainment usually entails alot of audience participation in the booty shaking, beer drinking, push up and wet T-shirt contests. In between,  staff show off their choreographed dance routines. Things can get a little crazy and crowded here especially during spring break. 
In the evening, there is live entertainment with a dance floor and things calm down a little.

Valet parking

Baja Cantina Beach Club, Medano Beach,

 You can sit and swing while sipping a drink at the bar, or enjoy the loungers, and umbrellas during the day. It tends to be a little quieter than it's neighbours during the day. This is a nice dinner spot particularly on Wednesday evenings for their traditional Mexican fiesta, when reservations are a good idea.  

Known for it's fresh seafood, this is barefoot fine dining at it's best.

Valet parking

A word for the wise ...regardless of where you travel...don't let those bar tabs get too high and cash out frequently. It's too easy to lose track of how many cocktails you had, especially the deeper you get into the sauce, and the larger the size of your party.  Staff turnover is often high, shift changes occur often and confusion happens easily...don't let your wallet suffer from the confusion. Also in regards to valet parking...don't leave anything valuable in the car...restaurants are not responsible for your tempting the guys who make their living on tips!

In the name of research,I will continue to seek out the best of Los Cabos!  Have you got a favorite Cabo Beach Bar? i would love to check it out on my next trip down! -Karen Barnert


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